Samsung Introduces The Gear S – A Tizen Smartwatch With A Curved Display And 3G

Here’s a shock, Samsung has just released another wearable. the Gear S is their latest smartwatch offering and no, it doesn’t use Android Wear but instead Tizen. What’s new with this watch? To make it quick, the display. The Gear S packs a curved display which Samsung claims will enhance the wearable experience.

The display comes in at 2.0″ inches with a 360×480 resolution. Powering that is a dual-core processor, several sensors, including one for UV light, as well as a 300mAh battery. Not unlike Samsung’s other offerings, the Gear S can make and recieve phone calls, but it can do that indepent of a phone. The Gear S is a 3G enabled device that can also connect via WiFi and Bluetooth. Samsung didn’t give much other info on the watch except that it will be available in markets starting in October.

Source: Samsung 

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