Considering the rate that the Xbox One has been tracking in terms of sales compared to the PlayStation 4, not many people have been adopting the next-gen Xbox like Microsoft wants them to. For those holding out for some good deals this winter, this offering might be enough for some to pick up.

From September 7th through 13th, if you buy yourself an Xbox One from select retailers, you get any retail Xbox One game of your choice for free, regardless of exclusivity.This applies to retail games available as of next week, like Destiny. The eligible consoles include the Kinect Xbox One, as well as the Madden 15 and Forza Motorsport 5 bundles. This means that the savvy shopper can end up getting another free game, that is if you’re interested in those two.

The press release also notes that refurbished consoles and used games are not eligible. Your free game also doesn’t apply to pre-orders, so this won’t work for games like Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2. This offer is available from select US retailers, so be sure to check yours to see if they are participating.