Google Introduces Hangouts Voice Calling – Yes It Also Integrates Google Voice [APK Download]

After months of waiting, Google has finally given Android users something we’ve wanted for a while, voice calling in Hangouts. Starting today you’ll be able to make calls from Hangouts on Android, iOS, and the web. Calling is free for US, Canada, and to other Hangouts users. International rates are also very low.

Using the new functionality on the Android version requires Hangouts version 2.3 which is rolling out over the next few days. To make calls, you’ll need to download the new Hangouts dialer app which is available on Google Play now. 

Voice integration is also included in this update. When you make a phone call from Hangouts, it comes from your Google Voice number. SMS also works the same way. Voicemail will appear inline as part of the conversation.

Download Hangouts Version 2.3 APK

Source: Google

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