Google Voice Integration Appears To Finally Coming To Hangouts Right Now

We’ve seen rumors for months that Google was planning to integrate their two remaining messaging apps, Google Voice and Hangouts, into one. They would fall underneath the roof of Hangouts, and users have been begging for it for quite some time. The banner below has been showing up for some users and appears to be completely on Google’s end.

Functionality if you do accept to merge services is working in some parts. Messages recieved appear in Hangouts, but replying does not yet work. This appears to be the case both in the Android app and on the web. If you accept the Voice application doesn’t receive messages anymore either. It’s possible an update to the Hangouts application is coming to fix the smaller bugs, but that’s unknown at this point.

Are you excited for this new functionality? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Android Police

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