Verizon Giving Early Upgrades To Anyone With An Upgrade Before November 15th

If you’re like me and a Verizon customer, an upgrade is something always running through our brains. It seems like over two years, all the good stuff comes out. But that might change this year, and Verizon is giving users a little treat if they want to upgrade. If you are about to be eligible for a new upgrade from the Big Red, you’ll be able to do it a little early. 

If you’re eligible for an upgrade before November 15th 2014, you can go upgrade right now rather than waiting. You might ask why they are doing this. The answer is simple. iPhone. Since the iPhone 6 is right around the corner, Verizon is trying to play on the impulse buy customer. Luckily though, this promo is available for every phone the carrier has. It probably won’t be widely known, so give Verizon a call if you want to take advantage of it.

Via: Android Police

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