No matter if you have a new device or an old device, you want it performing at it’s best. We’ve seen in the past and proven that task killers are not the way to do that. In fact, they hurt more than they help. Android is pretty good at managing multiple apps on its on, but could we be hurting our devices in a way we didn’t expect? The developer behind the popular app Greenify had some things to say on that subject.

If you’re unfamilar with Greenify, it’s an app that allows users to hibernate apps that are rarely used to increase performance and battery life. However he has found some interesting information about the recent apps menu built into Android. It’s commonly known that clearing that menu opens up a lot of extra RAM for you to work with, but apparently doing it on a regular basis isn’t a good thing. “It reduces the efficiency of process cache mechanism in Android, thus impact the performance of your device.” 

Just like the task killers many of us used to use, the recent apps menu can cause the same issues. You can still swipe away your apps of course, but if you plan to use them again anytime soon, just leave it open. It’ll be better in the end. Now, let’s retrain our brains together!

Source: Reddit

Via: Phandroid