Motorola Confirms There Won’t Be New Moto X For Sprint

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If you are wanting to order for the new Moto X, you can do so through the Moto Maker, getting the phone on-contract with AT&T or going for the unlocked GSM edition, which also supports T-Mobile. And we know that there is going to be a Verizon’s wireless phone too, even if its own pre-orders have yet to begin. Last year, with the first Moto X, shoppers had their pick of carriers, with Sprint, US Cellular, and Republic Wireless rounding-out the offerings. We might have assumed that we’d eventually see the Moto X enjoy similarly broad carrier support, but that is most likely won’t happen, as Motorola confirms that there won’t be any Sprint edition.

This has been confirmed from a response to a tweet yesterday, writing plain as day that “the new Moto X won’t be available on the Sprint network.” Not “won’t be available at launch time” or “before the end of the year,” but not available, at all.

This isn’t good new for the company that is falling in ranking. Now that T-Mobile stepped up their game, this will take effect on Sprint cause of not getting the new Moto X on their soil.

What do you guys think about this? Is there a main reason why there isn’t? Because of Sprint or Motorola?

Via: Pocketnow