Moto S Backplate Leaked – Seems “Shamu” Won’t Be A Nexus After All

Thanks to the guys at HelloMotoHK, we have some new evidence of the Moto S aka “Shamu”. This device was originally thought to be a Nexus product, but these new leaks say otherwise. The leaks we have are of the backplate of the device, and it seems this phone will simply be a Motorola phablet instead of a Nexus. Pictured next to the backplates of the second generation Moto G and Moto X, this phone is seriously huge. 

This phone is expected to pack a 5.9″ inch display, It was rumored to take part in the Android Silver program, but we don’t really know what the future entails for that program. The question still remains though, would you buy a 5.9″ inch Motorola Phablet? Let us know in the comment.

Source; HelloMotoHK

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