Order T-Mobile’s New CellSpot Today And They Will Waive The $25 Deposit

Announced recently, T-Mobile’s CellSpot router is becoming available very soon. The device is free to T-Mobile customers, requiring only a $25 deposit, but if you act fast, there’s a way around it. First off though, what is the CellSpot? Basically, it’s an ASUS WiFi router that you use at your home. While it can be used by any WiFi device, it’s optimized for T-Mobile’s WiFi calling. 

Starting September 24th (tomorrow), no matter what you’ll be required to pay that $25 in order to get the device, no way around it. But if you call T-Mobile’s technical support today and order right away, they will waive the $25 deposit, making it truly free. Of course you don’t truly own the router. If you cancel T-Mobile service, you’ll owe $150 for the router. Better act fast!


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