The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have both been released to the public, and the usually opening weekend sales have been tremendous. These phones are both seriously impressive, but that doesn’t keep them without flaw. Many iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners are reporting that they have already bent their devices. This isn’t under some strange circumstance either, this is just users keeping the phones in their pockets. One user went to a wedding for the day which involved 8 hours of driving, a couple hours dancing, and some time eating dinner. During that time, his iPhone was noticeably bent. No one has mentioned their phone cracking because of this yet, it’s still a pretty big issue affecting primarily the iPhone 6 Plus.

Has this happened to you? If not, here’s how to avoid it. Keep the phone out of your back pocket. As if this isn’t obvious enough, don’t sit on it. Second, take it out of your front pocket when you sit down and put it on the table. This is especially important if you have smaller or tight pockets. You can also try using a rigid case. 

Make sure to let us know in the comments if you’re experiencing any issues with your iPhone 6!

Source: MacRumors

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