PlayStation Home Finally Shutting Down Next Year

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Sony announced today on their official PlayStation forums that PlayStation Home is scheduled to be fully shut down by March, 31, 2015. New content will stop being available as of November 12, and downloadable content will not be available after December 3.

PlayStation Home launched in December of 2008, but in an official statement, Sony thanked their fans for their support and added that they will be offering free content to players before the platform fully closes. PlayStation Home is a virtual world built into the PlayStation Network for gamers. A modern world to a very customizable environment, it has allowed players to interact in the PSN community by showcasing their achievements, allowing them to customize their “homes” and avatars, and providing a 3D social network with chat and voice communication capabilities. 

A lot of people saw this coming, while others lamented the lost money from purchases for items in the virtual environment. Now not everybody showed interest in PlayStation home…but then again there is people who spent hours and money on this…I feel sorry for you. Really. 

Timothy Merino Timothy is a senior editor by day, and a gamer by night. With a love for all things Sony, Timothy is always waiting (and usually drooling over) the latest and greatest PlayStation hardware.