HTC-Made Nexus 9 Breaks Cover In First Images – No Longer Looking Like We’ll Have An Aluminum Nexus Tablet

After months and months of speculation, the next Nexus tablet has finally broken cover. The Nexus 9 as we’re expecting it to be called has finally leaked with some decent images showing off the back of the device. The image came from @upleaks on Twitter. Their history for getting leaks right has usually been hit or miss, but this one seems pretty legitimate to me.

From the image we can confirm the fact that this will indeed be a Nexus tablet and have a display with a 4:3 screen ratio. Secondly, we catch a glimpse at the HTC branding on the device below the more prominent “Nexus” logo. While we were all expecting this tablet to have HTC’s aluminum build, it seems Google and  HTC have opted for a less expensive matte plastic build. @upleaks claims that this is the same build seen on the Nexus 5. While it might not be as premium, I’m certainly not complaining. A camera and LED flash are found in the top corner as well as the headphone jack on the top and microUSB port at the bottom. 

A release date for the Nexus 9 hasn’t been confirmed and neither has an official announcement. Rumors point to an announcement within the next 3-5 weeks. Pricing hasn’t been rumored yet but based on these leaks I’m expecting a $329-$379 price point. What are your thoughts on this tablet? Will you be picking it up?

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