Looking at the title of this article, you must be thinking, “isn’t HTC a Smartphone company”, and yes they are, but at a press event in New York City, HTC unveiled a new product for the photography market. Meet the all new HTC RE.

The RE is meant to be used as a standalone camera to capture still shots or video. The design itself is certainly intriguing and looks more like an asthma inhaler than anything else. The RE camera is a light and fairly small device as well, weighing only 65 grams.

There are only two buttons that you will find on the device, one button for taking shots and video, and another button for capturing slo-motion video. What you won’t find is a viewfinder or any manual controls; HTC really wanted to focus on the simplicity and experience of the RE camera by providing “distraction-free video and photo capture”.

Spec wise, we are looking at a 16 mega-pixel camera with 146 degree ultra-wide angle lens and f/2.8 aperture. RE can record in 1080p HD video at 30 frames-per-second, and is also rated IPX7 for dust and water resistance. There is also a 820mAh battery and also comes with Bluetooth Low Energy to pair with your Smartphone and to transfer photos and videos.

HTC is also providing an app for the RE camera which will allow you to use it as a live viewfinder and will place all your photos and videos in the app. The app will be available for both Android and iOS users very soon.

HTC has said that the RE Camera is not a GoPro competitor and is mostly targeted towards families with children or those who have a social lifestyle.

You can preorder the RE Camera now through HTC’s website, but it will become available later this month for $200. 

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