No Lollipop? -Android Licorice is looking to be a real possibility

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For the past several months, ever since Google announced Android “L” at Google I/O, many have tried to figure out what the “L” will stand for. Some predictions included: Lemonheads, Lollipop, Lemon Meringue Pie, and Licorice. Several leaks have suggested the name to be Android Lollipop, but recent posts made in Google+ by Giovanni Calabrese, the man who builds the Android Statues at Google Headquarters, seem to conclude that the new name might just be Android Licorice.

In one post, Calabrese jokingly said, “Handing out boxes of licorice at the boarding gate”. At one point it seems even the TSA asked him, “What’s with all the boxes of licorice #thingstheTSAsays”. Is it all one big joke or is he really serious? We don’t know. Is licorice going to be the next name for Android? Again, we don’t know. While licorice is a possibility, most leaks and even recent screenshots are pointing toward the new name being Android Lollipop.


We most likely won’t be getting any official news surrounding the name for Android “L” until the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 launch. Till then, leave us a comment down below, and tell us which name you like better: Licorice or Lollipop?! Also, stay tuned to iTechTriad for future news and rumors surrounding Android “L” and the upcoming Nexus devices!


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