Over a year ago Google announced the Chromecast as a $35 streaming device. It was released to great reviews and became very popular. Personally I have had a couple Chromecasts in my house, used them as gifts and more. It’s an awesome little device. Yesterday Google announced a whole new lineup of Nexus devices including one we didn’t expect, the Nexus Player. This $99 set top box runs Android TV and can even mimic the functionality of the Chromecast. That doesn’t mean Google has given up on the Chromecast however as it seems an updated model is one the way. 

Even though the current Chromecast is still going strong with absolutely no signs of slowing, there’s one problem with it, a lack of support for 5GHz WiFi. The newer standard is a must for some power users and the lack of it on the Chromecast turned many users away. It’s also a must for streaming higher resolution content, something that will one become more important in the future. The device went through the FCC on October 1st so it could come any day now.

Via: Android Police

Source: FCC