Samsung Launches Refreshed Chromebook 2 With Intel Baytrail Processor

Samsung has been a part of the Chromebook market for a long time and they played a huge part in getting that market to where it is today. Early this year the company launched their newest Chromebooks but like the ones before they used Samsung’s own Exynos chipset. While it’s not the worst in the world, many users complained about the machine’s sub-par performance especially when multi-tasking. Now Samsung has refreshed the machine with a better performing Intel chip.

This new model comes with a Baytrail generation Intel Celeron processor (N2840) clocked at 2.58GHz. RAM is limited to 2GB along with 16GB of SSD storage. Samsung says that they also added some additional improvements to the durability of the laptop’s exterior by reinforcing the corners and more. At $249, the same price as the Exynos counter part, I can’t help but recommend this one over the Exynos powered models. Pre-orders for this model start next week.

Source: The Verge

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