Android Wear 4.4W.2 Rolling Out To The LG G Watch With Offline Music And GPS Support

Not too long ago Google revealed their plans for the next major step in Android Wear. They didn’t mention exactly when updates would be coming, but it seems that the first one is rolling out to the LG G Watch. Android Wear 4.4W.2 (build number KNX01Q) is slowly rolling out to G Watch users with offline music playback and GPS support in tow. Granted the LG G Watch can’t take advantage of the GPS support, it can use the music playback options.

The music playback options are simply another command you can give the watch to play locally stored music files. It’s unclear how this works exactly. We’re not sure if the music is stored on the watch and player through the phone or if the music is stored and player on the phone but controlled through the watch. We will likely see more information on this as updates continue to roll out.

Via: Android Police

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