Google Executive Gives Us A Glimpse Into The Future Of The Platform – Teases New Hardware

Image Credit: Ozgurtekinsen

Image Credit: Ozgurtekinsen

While on stage at Gigaom’s Structure Connect conference today, Google Executive Mario Queiroz made a few statements regarding the Chromecast, our favorite $35 streaming device. He stated that the device’s popularity has skyrocket not just in the consumer market, but also with developers. Users of the Chromecast have hit the “cast” button over 650 million times, up 250 million since their last estimate 3 months ago. The developer community is also rapidly growing with over 6,000 developers building over 10,000 apps for the device. 

Developers are also about to get some new treats with the Chromecast as Google is preparing to open new APIs that will allow them to do even more. One that’s very notable is the ability to add extra information to the “Backdrop” screen. 

Marco also alluded to further Chromecast hardware in saying that “Google is building an ecosystem of different endpoints” where the Chromecast “and other Chromecast devices” are some of the endpoints. 

Gigaom has a full 17 minute video of the interview if you would like to watch it yourself. Get ready, the Chromecast continues to get more and more exciting!

Source: Gigaom

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