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Google Fit App Goes Live On Google Play

Google Fit App Goes Live On Google Play

Google unveiled their “Google Fit” health tracking app at Google I/O earlier this year and today it’s finally here. Google Fit is a hub for all your fitness data from third party apps and wearables alike. Any application that uses the Fit API will tie into the Google Fit application to give you one central area to look. 

The app tracks your walking, running, and cycling data and gives your some nice graphs to give you a look at the gathered data. It can also help you set daily goals to help you keep track of what you need to do. The app also uses Android Wear to track steps and your heart rate. The app is available now on Google Play for free and is compatible with just about any device out there. It will look and work best on Lollipop though. Now, go get some steps and please the Google…


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