Verizon and Motorola’s famous team up on the DROID line continues today with the official launch of the DROID Turbo. This year the Turbo will be the only new DROID we get, but it can count for three. While this device has already been leaked several times, it’s now official and still just as exciting.

The DROID Turbo packs the specs beating out everything in it’s price range. With a quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor with 3GB of RAM underneath a 5.2″ inch Quad-HD display, this phone should be an absolute beast. Around the back is a 21MP camera that we’re expecting to take some pretty great images. That all sounds extremely impressive, but we’re not done yet. Powering all of this is a 3,900 mAh that should power through 48 hours of use.

The DROID Turbo will be available exclusively from Verizon for $199 on a two year contract ($599 off contract). That gets you 32GB of storage (non-expandable). For an additional $50 you can double that for 64GB of storage. Software on board is a near-stock KitKat with a guaranteed upgrade to Lollipop, eventually. This is Verizon we’re talking about.

So what are your thoughts on this phone? It’s certainly going to be a top performer, but will it be worth your cash? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Verizon