New 13.3″ Inch ASUS C300 Chromebook Up For Pre-Order On Amazon With 4GB OF RAM For $279

After a long wait, the ASUS C300 with 4GB of RAM is finally ready for the average consumer. For a while the only version of this device available with 4GB of RAM was the education model which sat at $329. The standard retail version sells for a better $279. Just recently though it hit Amazon’s virtual shelves.

This model has a 13.3″ inch, 1366×768 display with an Intel Baytrail processor and 4GB of RAM. 16GB of SSD storage is also included. Another model is also available for $329 with 32GB of storage. The $279 model will be available to ship November 8th. Pre-orders are available at the link below.

Via: +Brent Sullivan

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