Valkyria Chronicles Is Coming To PC Next Month

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There’s been a growing presence of Japanese console games making their way to the PC market in recent years. Games like Metal Gear Rising: Revengence, Final Fantasy XIII, and Dark Souls are just some examples, and now we can add another to the list.

Following a teaser posted on SEGA’s Twitter page, Valkyria Chronicles will officially be coming to Steam on November 11th. Originally for the PlayStation 3, Valkyria Chronicles is a Tactical-RPG loosely based on World War II.

The fictitious continent of Europa is divided and ruled by two superpowers, the Empire and the Federation. After the Empire sets its sights on the neutral country of Gallia, a hero named Welkin Gunther and his fellow soldiers of the Federation’s 7th Platoon will fight back against the invasion.

The gameplay style of Valkyria Chronicles is rather interesting as a somewhat unique turn-based battle system. It combines traditional turn-based strategy with third-person shooter mechanics for hands-on combat scenarios.

The PC version will also include all of the previously released DLC for free, which includes Hard EX Mode, two side story campaigns, and six challenge missions.

According to SEGA, this port won’t just be a simple copy-and-paste. The game will support 720p/1080p native resolution and 60 frames-per-second gameplay, as well as rebindable controls and keyboard and mouse support. System requirements for the game are mostly what you may expect for a six-year old console title. It’s likely that if you’ve been able to run recent AAA titles well, you’ll have no problem with Valkyria Chronicles.

Valkyria Chronicles will be released on Steam on November 11th for $19.99, and you can check out the Steam Store page here. If this is something you plan on picking up Day-One, you can pre-purchase for a 10% discount.