TYLT Introduces Two New Wireless Charging Accessories – The Vu Solo And Vu Car

TYLT has tried their hand in wireless charging in the past and they’ve hit it out of the park. The TYLT Vu is easily one of the best Qi wireless chargers on the market today. Now the company is bringing two brand new wireless charging accessories in two new form factors. 

First, the Vu Car. This suction cup mounted charging accessory mounts to your windshield or dashboard to provide wireless charging on the go. Your device is mounted in between three adjustable and padded clamps. The mount itself can be rotated 180 degrees and the arms are able to extend 4.2 inches in width. This mount will retail at $79.99.

Second, the Vu Solo. This is a Qi charging mat that lies flat on your desk and is designed with “portability” in mind. It powers via microUSB. This device brings a 1amp charge and features a built in suction base and ventilation. This pad will retail at $39.99.

Both these mounts are a bit more pricey than the competition, but for the reliability you get from these chargers, it’s worth the price. Both will be available in blue, red, green, and grey and will be for sale by the end of the year. We will likely be reviewing both of these mounts in the near future so stay tuned for that. 

Source: TYLT Car, TYLT Solo

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