PS4’s 2.00 Update

3 min read

PlayStation 4 users the first big update is here. PS4 had it’s 2.00 update on October 28th, 2014 and it seems like it’s a very pleasing update, here are the features it brought.

First we are going to talk about the USB Music Player, it’s exactly what it sounds like, all you have to do is insert a USB filled with music and it will pop right up as “USB Music Player”, once you’ve clicked on it you will see your music that you have put in the USB and your ready to jam out!

A old yet awesome feature that this update brought to the PS4 is Themes! If you had a PS3 then you will be familiar with what the themes setting offer, default themes where you can change the back round color and also additional themes that can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

This update also brought a few more Voice Commands. If you have a mic compatible with the PS4 or the mono headset that came with your PS4, you can use the Voice Command feature. If you want to see all the commands on the PS4 just say “PlayStation” then say “All Commands” and you will be able to see all the commands that comes with the PS4, after you done seeing the commands just say “Fewer Commands”.

Have you ever downloaded more than one thing at a time? Then you come to realize you want to download something first before the other downloads or updates, well good news for you! This update brought us the feature to pause and resume downloads or updates. There’s also a small hint hint of what will be coming soon in the photo below. 

PS4 is getting cleaner and minimal. The Party and Invitation Screens have been redesigned, everything just looks cleaner.

For all you YouTube fanatics…your time has come….to play YouTube videos from the PS4 YouTube App! Yes it’s finally here, the YouTube App but that’s not all, now when you click on share and want to upload a video you will have the option to upload it to YouTube! Now you can show the world how much better you are than them!

Last but not least this update brought improvements to Live Broadcast. When you select Live Broadcasting, you see a few tabs on the right, one of the tabs is “Featured” which is a section that is from PlayStation and from your friends. Another tab is “Games” which lets you watch live stream from a specific game. You can also have the option to follow your favorite broadcaster by clicking the the follow button on the lower left screen. Once you have followed a broadcaster you will be able to see archive live streams by toggling between the “Live” and “Archive” tabs. Now if you want to become the broadcaster, there’s a few things they’ve added on. For example, now you can leave a little footnote for your viewers. If you have a PlayStation camera, you have the option to filter and change the backgrounds for your picture on you’re broadcast. That’s what the PlayStation 2.00 update came with, what is your guys thoughts on it? How much do you appreciate this update? Do you think they should of added more or different things? Well, whatever your thoughts are, this is just the beginning fr what the PS4 will bring us.