HTC Promises Their Own Premium Tablets Next Year

1 min read

It’s been a long time since HTC has made a tablet and they’ve made their comeback by collaborating with Google to create the Nexus 9. However it seems that they aren’t going to be stopping there. The company has stated that they would be getting back into the tablet market starting next year. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your preference), the company won’t be getting into the popular inexpensive tablet market (sub-$200) but instead the high end and mid-tier devices.

HTC’s Jack Tong stated that tablets under $160 are “not a profitable market” and that “there is more room for growth and product differentiation in high end and mid-tier tablet segments”. Specific details about HTC’s tablet plans weren’t discussed, but they did hint that 7-inch tablets would not be coming from them.

Source: Focus Taiwan