Quad-HD screens are the latest push into cramming higher resolution into our phones and tablets, and it’s something I expect to show up on quite a few more flagships next year. It all started with the LG G3 and Oppo Find 7, and now it’s hit other devices like the Galaxy Note 4 and is expected in many more, but so far it’s only been on screen over 5″ inches. At 5″ inches a Quad-HD display has a pixel density of 587 pixels per inch. That’s extremely impressive, but Sharp has decided not to stop things there.

Today the company unveiled a new Quad-HD panel that is measured at only 4.1″ inches. That comes in at over 736 pixels per inch. That’s seriously impressive. It’s unlikely any of these display will come to market as we really don’t need a pixel density that high. But then again, has that ever stopped a manufacturer before?

Via: Pocketnow