Sony Rumored To Bring 5.4″ Inch Xperia Z4 To CES, 5.9″ Inch Z4 Ultra

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Sony seems to be stepping up with its flagship device releases and now with the latest leak most likely telling us its next flagship, most likely called the Sony Xperia Z4, will be announced at CES 2015 in January. What also captures our attention about this rumor is that Sony is also going to be bringing the Xperia Z Ultra line, so we could be seeing the Z4 Ultra alongside the Z4.

Both devices will change when it comes to sizes, with the Z4 changing in size to a borderline phablet with a 5.4-inch display. Meanwhile the Z4 Ultra is supposedly going to decrease to a more manageable 5.9-inches, a big change from the original Z Ultra which measured 6.4-inches. The rumor going around says that both the Z4 and Z4 Ultra will rock the Snapdragon 805, which might be disappointing for those who were hoping the rumors of a Snapdragon 810 were true. We are more inclined to believe that the 805 will be in the devices simply because the release is happening in less than two months and the 810 still hasn’t hit the mass market. Although, the rumor does specify 4GB RAM for both devices and a 3,420mAh battery in the Z4, both welcome changes.

Supposedly Sony will finally be updating the 20.7MP camera that has be around since the Xperia Z1 to a new 21MP shooter. Lastly, the rumor says that the Z4 Ultra is going to continue the proud tradition of larger form Xperia devices in being extremely thin, apparently measuring just 5.7mm thick. Now, we like slim and bigger screen sizes but with the rumors, would you guys pick one of these bad boys up?

Via: AndroidSPIN