Motorola To Offer 2014 Moto X For Just $359 Off-Contract For Cyber Monday

Have you been dying to get your hands on this year’s latest from Motorola? Well Cyber Monday is your best chance to do so at a pretty huge discount. Starting at Noon ET head to the source link below to grab an off-contract Moto X for only $359. That’s right, a $140 discount. 

If you want the phone, you’ll need to sign up on Dec 1 for a redemption code which again is at the source link below. Once you’ve filled out the form Motorola will send you the code and from that point you’ll have two weeks to purchase the phone. In other words until December 15th. This applies to carrier variants and the Pure Edition of the Moto X. So, will you be picking this up?

Source: Motorola

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