Motorola Now Offering Stainless Steel And Cognac Bands For Moto 360

Just a little while ago, Motorola began sales of the metal band Moto 360 along with the brown leather (cognac) band 360 on their website. For all of us early adopters though, Motorola has finally made separate bands available for the watch.

First let’s talk about what everyone was waiting for, the metal bands. Available in two shades, light and dark, both these bands are made of stainless steel. These bands will run you $80 which is what you’ll need to pay for the perfect fit this band provides.

Second we have the Cognac leather band. This one like the rest is genuine Horween leather this time in a brown color variant. It can be purchased alongside it’s stone and black counterparts for $30. 

So, will you be picking any up? Personally I’m right on the edge of getting the Cognac band for my 360.

Source: Motorola

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