Those Ugly FCC Certification Labels On The Back Of Your Devices Are Finally Heading Out

Have you ever looked at a phone and exclaimed how beautiful it is? Look at phones like the Moto X, the HTC One, the LG G3 and more. They are absolutely gorgeous smartphones. Unfortunately, like most beauty, there’s something messing it up. In the case of your smartphones, tablets, game controllers and more, it comes in the form of regulatory markings. 

Image Credit: iDownloadBlog

Image Credit: iDownloadBlog

While some OEMs do their best to hide these markings, they are still there and they have to be since they are required by law. Thankfully, they are finally heading out. Just a couple days ago President Obama signed The E-Label Act into law which allows manufacturers to remove the FCC label from their devices and replace it with an electronic one which can be accessed within the phone’s software. 

Of course this change will only affect certain devices, but could be applied to any device sold in the United States. Other countries will have to pass similar legislation to provide the same option for devices sold in those countries. The change is already in effect now, but we probably won’t see it on devices until early 2015. 

Via: Gizmodo

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