LG & Verizon Introduce “Blaze Red” LG G3 – Exclusive To Verizon

The LG G3 is a pretty good looking phone no matter which color you get, but some colors just look better than others. Right now most US carriers bring Black and White models, with Sprint adding on a gold option. Outside of the states there are also purple and pink variants. Not long ago Best Buy got an exclusive Blue model, and now Verizon is teaming up with LG to get their own exclusive color variant, “Blaze Red”.

The bright red color, at least in my opinion, looks pretty awesome. Nothing has been changed on this model except the color, but it’s a nice option to have. The “Blaze Red” color variant is currently available for free with a 2-year contract and for $599 outright. If it had been available at launch, it’s definitely the color I’d have picked up. What about you?

Source: Verizon

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