Sony Had Thousands Of Their Passwords Stored In A Folder Named Password

Sony has been getting one day of bad luck after another. The company has had their movies leaked, their passwords leaked to the internet, and they were hacked by the nation of North Korea. As if that couldn’t get any worse, now we know how those passwords were taken, and it’s a wonder that this all didn’t happen sooner.

With thousands of passwords to manage, even the person with the best memory would have to keep them somewhere on file just in case. Now while you might feel bad for Sony because of all these leaks and hacks, you might want to take a step back. All those thousands of passwords were stored in one place, under a file named password.

To make matters worse, this folder was not only unencrypted or password protected (there’s irony for you), every password was in a file that clearly defined which password you were looking at. Now don’t jump too quick, this is common. We’re all a bit lazy, but this is going to be a mistake the company will look back at and regret for a long time.

Via: Gizmodo

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