Nexus 5 Production Confirmed To Have Ended – “When They’re Gone They’re Gone”

After popping in and out of stock, Google has officially confirmed that the Nexus 5 is no longer in production. An unnamed Google spokesmen stated that production has stopped entirely. The black model does currently appear on the Google Play store but at the moment is out of stock. It’s unclear if any stock will be replenished. It is likely that some stock will return as Google did mention that once stock is gone, the Play Store list will be removed entirely.

Once they are gone, they’re gone, so we’d suggest people get them while they can

Are you going to miss the Nexus 5? Many users were hoping Google and LG would keep the device around for users who prefer to use smaller phones. The Nexus 5 will likely still be available at other retailers for a while and will go through the after-market for a long time to come.

Via: Android Authority

Source: TechRadar

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