[Deal Alert] Mega Man Zero Released for Virtual Console, Select Mega Man Games On Sale

In celebration of Mega Man’s 27th Anniversary, a special sale known as the Megamanniversary Sale kicked off in North America today with three Mega Man games on the 3DS Virtual Console and three more on the Wii U Virtual Console, each up to 50% off. On the 3DS, the Game Boy versions of Mega Man II, III, and IV for $1.49 each. On the Wii U, Mega Man V and VI are $2.49 each and Mega Man VII is $3.99.

In addition, the Game Boy Advance title Mega Man Zero was also released for the Wii U Virtual Console. Although the game no longer stars Mega Man, the gameplay still retains its action platformer style. Zero is the protagonist this time around, who is awakened after the events of the X series to help the Reploids protect themselves from the government body Neo Arcadia.

If you’re interested in catching some of these deals, you’d better hop on it soon. The Megamanniversary Sale ends Monday, December 22nd.

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