If you missed out on Motorola’s incredible Cyber Monday steals, you can still snag a Moto X for a good deal this holiday season. Starting now and going through December 23rd, Motorola is offering $50 off any purchase of $300 and $100 off of any purchase of $500 or more. 

That is a great deal for anyone looking to grab not only a new Moto X, but perhaps also for someone looking to pick up a Moto G & Moto 360 as gifts. If a new Moto X is your goal however, don’t get too excited, there’s problem. It’s only $499.

That’s right you’ll need to tack on a little extra in order to get a Moto X with this discount. The absolute cheapest way to get a base model 16GB Moto X is to grab one and add on a screen protector for $14.95. That comes out to $415 after the discount is applied. However if I were you, I’d go ahead and get either the wood or leather back upgrade which comes out to $424 after the discount is applied.

Exclusions for this deal include the Moto X on Republic Wireless, Moto E, and Nexus 6.

Source: Motorola