Here’s The Defintion Of Spoiled – 15 Year Old Girl Destroys Her Brand New Galaxy S5 Just Because It’s Not An iPhone

We live in a time of unprecedented technology. What at one time took a computer the size of a room now takes something the size of a fingernail. Our smartphones especially are amazing. Yet we tend to take them for granted. Breaking a smartphone in the minds of some just means a trip to the store to get a new one. We’re spoiled and we know it. Few people however are as bad as one 15-year old girl on Facebook.

The image of pure destruction you see above is the work of a 15 year old girl who received a Galaxy S5. She then took the phone and absolutely destroyed it for one reason, she wanted an iPhone. Rather than asking for a trade-in or just trying something new, the girl instead took the phone, destroyed it, and then posted it to Facebook.

Via: Reddit

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