Android Lollipop is one of the biggest Android releases ever, and it’s on track to hit a lot of devices. With OEMs like Motorola and LG already updating their devices to Lollipop and others like HTC and Samsung preparing their builds, it seems promising that this update will see adoption in a a good majority of devices. As of right now though, these updates are only heading to the latest devices and last year’s flagships as well. As for older devices we have no idea whether or not they will be updated. However there’s now one that can be crossed off that list, the Galaxy Note 2.

The 2+ year old phablet that many still hang on to has now been confirmed to get the latest version of Android. The information was found on Samsung’s Finnish website for both the LTE variant and the standard variant. More than likely this will be the last update Note 2 users see.

If you’re in the US however this update might be a while off as carriers will need to test it out before pushing it out. Either way, are you excited to get this update? Let us know in the comments.

Via: Phandroid