HTC Offering 20% Off All Their Smartphones Until January 2nd

Looking to get a new phone before the year is out or as your first big purchase of the new year? HTC is hoping you’ll pick up one of their phones and their giving you a little incentive to do so, 20% off all of their phones starting today until the 2nd of January if you purchase through their website.

Currently phones are restricted mainly to their newer devices including the HTC One M8, One M8 for Windows, Desire EYE, One E8, and many more. For the Desire EYE, the price slides down from $549 to $439. The One M8 comes down to $519 from $649 as well. Those are some pretty solid discounts if you ask me. There is no limit as to how many people can take advantage of this deal, but their is a limit of how many each customer can get and that’s 1 per customer. 

So, will you be picking up an HTC device with this deal?

Source: HTC

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