If you know me, you know I’m a massive nerd. I love watching my favorite TV shows and movies all the time, and by far one of my favorite shows is Doctor Who. I love watching it and I never get tired of showing off my Whovian pride, but now I’ve got the best way yet.

Thanks to a new app called “Time & Space Watch Face” you get a selection of three gorgeous Doctor Who themed watch faces for your Android Wear device. The first is the TARDIS itself, the second is Ten’s Sonic Screwdriver, and the last is Eleven/Twelve’s Sonic Screwdriver. All three faces look great on both square and circular watches and oh, did I mention they are all animated? Each face has it’s own unique animation that brings life to the face.

The best part of all this, all three watch faces are free under one app in Google Play.

Now… There’s one more thing about Easter Eggs… But I can’t remember what it is…. Oh well. You’ll figure it out.