Sony Announces That Bravia TVs Released In 2015 Will Run Android TV

Sony’s conference at CES has just ended and there are a few exciting announcements that went down. One of which Android fans will find particularly exciting. Sony has announced that all of their Bravia TVs that are going to be released in 2015 will come out of the box running Android TV. 

This news comes just after Samsung announced that their new smart TVs will all be running Tizen from this point on. Not to say that some of Samsung’s TVs won’t run Android TV in the future but for the foreseeable future they will all run Tizen as their OS. 

Android TV on Sony’s Bravia line of TVs will support 42 languages at launch which is planned for later this year. Other features such as support for the Google Play Store and Google Cast will all also work right out of the box. Sony has even announced that there will be a smartwatch app as well that will allow users to control their TV from their smartwatch to a certain extent. 

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