AT&T Officially Announces Rollover Data For Over 50 Million Customers

Not long after T-Mobile introduced their Data Stash program, AT&T is pushing back with Rollerover Data. Starting January 25th, all Mobile Share Value customers will automatically receive the new feature with no additional cost and will not have to sign up.

Rollover Data can be shared with everyone on your plan which is a huge plus. The way it works is exactly how you’d expect, any data you don’t use off your plan for one month moves over to the following month. However if you don’t use that extra data the next month, it won’t follow over again.

For example, let’s say you have a 10GB a month data plan. If you use 5GB, 5GB will carry over to the next month giving you 15GB for that next month. If you only use let’s say 7GB, 3GB will carry over to the next month and that extra 5 from the previous month will expire. 

It’s still great to see this option as we can always use more data on our devices. Are you an AT&T customer? Let us know what you think about this new feature!

Source: AT&T

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