Motorola Is Coming Back To China With An LTE Moto G, The Moto X, And The Moto X Pro

Now that Motorola is officially a part of Lenovo, the company is bringing its products back to the Chinese market. Early this year, the company will make its debut with three devices, the Moto X, the Moto G, and the Moto X Pro.

The Moto X will come to China in February with several different designs in tow. It doesn’t seem that MotoMaker will be available at start, but materials like wood and leather will, just pre-designed. Potential buyers will be able to head to starting on January 7th to vote on the designs they want to see made available. MotoMaker will come to China sometime later in 2015. 

Coming later on in 2015, Motorola will bring two more phones. The Moto G will be the first of these but here with 4G LTE in tow as well as dual-SIM connectivity. The biggest story from this announcement is the Moto X Pro. This Motorola phablet is basically a Nexus 6, without the Nexus. It has the same 5.96 inch QHD display, Snapdragon 805, 3220 mAh battery, and 13MP camera. 

It’s nice to see that a new market will have easy access to these three great phones. If you’re located in China, will you be getting any of these?

Source: Motorola

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