Update: APK – Google Introduces New Translate With Built In Word Lens Translation And Other Improvements

Update: APK download available below.

Google has today announced an update to their Google Translate app on both Android and iOS which includes some pretty massive enhancements to what you can do with the app. 

First, we’ve got built-in Word Lens translation which allows you to translate written text through the camera. All you need to do to access this new functionality is hit the camera button and point it at whatever you need to translate. For now, only English to and from French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. These are all free and more languages will come later on. 

The second new feature is improved conversation mode. Users can now speak at the same time to the app and the app will recognize what they are saying and translate it. In the current app, you have to take turns speaking. 

The update is coming soon, but as of right now it’s not appearing in Google Play and no one has found an APK just yet. Are you excited for this update?

UPDATE: APK Mirror has just got their hands on the APK download for the Android version of this new update. Download it here!

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