Spotify Clarifies Its Stance On Google Cast – May Bring Support To Chromecast In The Future

Last week Spotify made a statement that had many of its users a bit disappointed in the service, they would not support Google Cast. However they are now going back on that statement in a very confusing way.

Our recent statement around Google Cast for audio should not be confused with our position on the Chromecast device. Our goal has always been to bring listeners the right music for every moment, making it easily accessible whenever and wherever they might be.
This means that in order to keep improving Spotify, we’re continuously exploring new and better ways of listening, which may include Chromecast as well as other platforms and devices.

— Spotify

So there are two things you should gather from that. First, Spotify has no idea how a Chromecast works, and second, that it’s not out of the question for Spotify to support the Chromecast.

The reason it’s a bit confusing is because the Chromecast is a Google Cast device, which is precisely what Spotify said they wouldn’t support. It’s all pretty confusing, but let’s all hope for the best and see what happens.

Source: Spotify

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