Google Reportedly Launching Their Own Wireless Carrier Using Sprint And T-Mobile Networks

A new report from The Information is stating that Google is planning to launch their own wireless carrier here in the United States. The carrier would operate as an MVNO like StraightTalk, Boost Mobile, and other similar carriers. Google won’t own any towers but will instead be running off of a network that has already been established. According to the report, Google will be using the networks of both Sprint and T-Mobile. 

Internally, the project is codenamed “Nova” and is apparently led by Nick Fox, a Google executive. The report mentions that the project was projected to launch this past fall, but that obviously didn’t happen. Instead Google is aiming for this year as the report states. 

There are a few potential goals for this project. First could be to open up the wireless industry and make it better with new policies, but the second and more likely is to bring down the prices. The service will be positioned as a “pay-as-you-go” service which will attempt to combine the cost of the device and plan through an online store.

Would you be willing to use this service if it came to be? Personally since it uses two networks that give me terrible coverage, I’ll have to pass. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: The Information

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