The HTC One M8 Google Play Edition Has Disappeared From The Google Play Store

Well folks, it appears as though the HTC One M8 Google Play Edition has inevitably reached the end of its life. Tonight the device is gone from the Google Play Store and can no longer be purchased through Google. This was the last of the Google Play Edition devices on the Google Play Store which likely means that this is the end of the Google Play Edition device program. 

There has not been a new Google Play Edition device for awhile and this is for good reason, they don’t sell. Sure the Google Play Edition device program is great in theory but when it comes down to it the devices are just too expensive. Especially when you can buy the original hardware from the OEM for around $100-$150 less. 

The Google Play Edition device program was a good experiment and it brought about some great devices running “stock Android” but we all knew this day was coming. From this point on it looks like you are going to have to go the route of a Nexus device to get the “stock Android” experience that we all know and love. 

Source: Google Play Store

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