Google Fiber Might Be Heading To Charlotte And Raleigh NC As Soon As April

Google Fiber has been slowly been making its way into city after city in the United States. About a year ago, Google revealed a handful of potential candidates for Google Fiber’s next stop. 24 cities had the potential, and now a report from Ars Technica is stating that Google is targeting Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham North Carolina.

There isn’t any official word from Google on if this is true, but with local media reporting on the matter and three separate events scheduled by Google in the area next week, this is all but confirmed. 

Speaking to WRAL TechWire, a source who asked to remain anonymous said Google is seeking bids to begin building a fiber network as early as April. “Drill crews” have been sought for the fiber-laying process.

Personally as a North Carolina Triad resident, I’m really excited for this to happen.

As Google Fiber continues to expand, what city are you looking forward to next? Let us know down in the comments..

Via: Ars Technica

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