Milk Music Is Now Available On The Galaxy Tab 4 As Well As Note Tablets

Samsung’s own music streaming service, Milk Music, is only available on a short list of Samsung devices at the moment but today that list gets a little longer.  This afternoon, Samsung has decided to expand Milk Music to both the Galaxy Tab 4 and Note Tablets. 

Owners of these devices should now have completely access to Milk Music and all of its great features. The service is definitely unique and stands out a bit from other music streaming services making it quite a joy to use. Too bad Samsung keeps the service pretty locked down to only a few of their own devices. 

If you own a Galaxy Tab 4 or a Note tablet you might want to see if your device can now use the Milk Music service if you have been waiting for it. Unfortunately, Samsung has not specified exactly which Note tablets will have access to Milk Music or if all of them will. I guess we will just have to take a look and see!

Source: Android Police

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