Chromecast Was The Top Streaming Device In 2014 In The United States

During Google’s Q4 earnings call a few days ago, the company took a moment to focus on one product in particular, the Chromecast. The popular streaming device has been on the market a year and a half at this point and it’s still raking in cash. It was even mentioned that since launch the cast button has been used by users more than 1 billion times!

According to an analyst group, the Chromecast even topped the list when it comes to streaming device in the US last year. With the competition heating up with low-cost options from Roku and Amazon and the still popular set-top market, it’s impressive that the Chromecast is still on top. The Chromecast has really proven to be the little dongle that could.
If you have yet to get a Chromecast, there’s no better time to get in on the party. The library of capatible services continues to grow and more are still on the way. You can click here to pick one up on Amazon.

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