Google And Mattel Create A New Virtual Reality View-Master

That’s right folks, Google and Mattel have joined forces to create a completely redesigned and new version of one of your favorite childhood toys, the View-Master. This new View-Master is based off of Google’s own Google Cardboard that they launched during Google IO last year.

Even though the new View-Master is based off of Google Cardboard, it works using a smartphone and what Google and Mattel are calling “experience reels.” These experience reels will offer users a 360 degree ‘photosphere’-like experience where they will experience famous places and landmarks in a virtual reality setting. 

Perhaps the best part about this new View-Master is that it will sell for only $29.99, making it affordable for most people. When you buy one of these new View-Masters, it will come with one experience reel. Others can be bought separately for $14.99 in packs of three. Consumers can get their hands on this sometime in Fall. Are you excited?

Source: Mattel 

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